C&V Bussiness & Investment

Being independent is being able to offer different products for you to invest. Our commitment is to your financial success. We offer the tools and advice necessary for you to invest safely and peacefully on a stock exchange around the world


Expert in Financial

We have the best analyst and trader in the market with responsability and confidence that every investor needs.

Predition Forex

Powerful deep learning algorithms are used to make decisions with the latest generation neural network in the world market.

Computer Engineers

We have the best PHD engineers and ten years in the market with proven experience in the best world markets.

BigData and Artificial intelligence

Our engineers use the best technologies to forecast and analyze the financial market. Algorithms of data mining, clustering with neural networks of last generation unpublished in the world market.

C&V Apresentation

Large banks typically offer their customers only proprietary investment products with high rates and low returns. At C & V, in a single investment, you have access to a products issued, many of them with Zero Rate and profitability above those found in large banks. Pioneer in neural network and predictions with our operators with unique experience in the world market.

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Basic Investment


  • With more moderate investments.
  • We guarantee 3% to the month of profitability
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Professional Investment


  • With a bit aggressive investment.
  • We guarantee 5% to the month of profitability
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Advanced Investment


  • With a more aggressive investment
  • We guarantee 7.0% per month of profitability.
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